Most of my writing is fiction: primarily the kind with ghosts, magic, odd creatures, and other such things. I love all things supernatural!

I spend much of my spare time reading and writing, as well as jumping from one odd hobby to another. Some of these include volunteering with a wildlife rehabilitation center, circus aerial classes, roller derby, ghost hunting, art, wildlife photography, kickboxing, yoga, meditation…I could keep going, but you get the idea.

I’m currently working on a novel, and have written a couple of short screenplays for a small independent film company in NW Ohio. More details on those projects soon!

In the meantime, below is a list of my currently published short works, as well as links to my art and photography.


“Campfire Stories”: Sirens Call Publications, Ezine October 2019, issue 47

“The Bonfire”: Sirens Call Publications, Ezine August 2019, issue 46

“Orehu Lake”: Sirens Call Publications, Ezine February 2019, issue 43

“Dreamers”: Sirens Call Publications, Ezine October 2018, issue 41

“Bad Little Bunny”: Havok, Holiday Cauldron, October 2017 issue

“I Hope You Never Read This”: Khroma Magazine, February 2017 issue, Erotica 1

“Don’t Wait for the Psychic”: Shotgun! Strange Stories Volume 2, Issue #1 from DeadLights Magazine

Art, Photography, and Other Things

Art and Photography:

Art and Photography on stuff:


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