Sisters and Spirits Paranormal Podcast is a spooktacular podcast I co-host with my sister. It’s available most places you like to find your podcasts.

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Here’s the podcast description:

Two sisters take an alcohol fueled, humorously informative, look at all things supernatural and paranormal. Join Cara & Veronica as they imbibe in their favorite alcoholic beverages and discuss all things spooky. Do you want to learn more about ghosts and vampires, magick and mythology? If it’s otherworldly, or just plain weird – you’re sure to find it here. These sisters have theories on hauntings, ghost hunting, cryptids, and everything in between. And let me tell you. These theories are simply…to DIE for. (Cue maniacal Crypt Keeper laugh)

Please note, we get incredibly excited about this stuff, which sometimes causes us to say “like” and “literally” way too much. We’re working hard to change that.

We also swear way too much. We’re not working on that…